CBDT notifies Amendments of Income Tax Audit Form 3CD, 3CEB & 65

by | Mar 7, 2024 | Income Tax

CBDT has made certain changes in Form No. 3CD (tax audit report), Form No. 3CEB (report to be furnished under section 92E) and Form No. 65 (Application for exercising/renewing option for the tonnage tax scheme u/s 115VP/115VR). The changes in the aforesaid forms are applicable w.e.f. date of their publication in the Official Gazette.

For details, you may refer the Notification No. 27/2024 dated 05.03.2024 by clicking on below mentioned link:


In Form No. 3CD, amendments have been made –

  • In clause 8A relating to whether an assessee has opted for special provisions u/s 115BA/115BAA/115BAB/115BAC/115BAD, to include reference to section 115BAE;
  • Iclause 12 relating to whether profit and loss account includes profit computed on presumptive basis, to include reference to section 44ADA;
  • Iclause 18 relating to particulars of depreciation, sub-clause (ca) has been substituted to require adjustment to the WDV under the different provisos to section 115BAA/115BAC/115BAD for specified assessment years;
  • Iclause 19 relating to amounts admissible under different sections, to include reference to section 35ABA and any other relevant section;
  • Iclause 21 relating to details of amounts debited to profit and loss account, being in the nature of capital, personal and advertisement expenditure etc., to include reference to expenditures for any purpose which is an offence or which is prohibited by law or expenditure to compound an offence etc.;
  • Iclause 26, in respect of sum referred to in specified clauses of section 43B, to include reporting requirement in respect of compliance u/s 43B(h) relating to amount payable to micro and small enterprises;
  • Iclause 32(a) relating to details of brought forward loss/depreciation, to include reference to losses/allowances not allowed under section 115BAE and amount adjusted by way of withdrawal of additional depreciation on account of opting for taxation under section 115BAE.

Further, the CBDT has, vide Circular No. 2/2024 dated 05.03.2024, allowed certain trusts / institutions to furnish the audit report in the applicable Form No. 10B / 10BB for A.Y.2023-24 on or before 31.03.2024


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